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Model Number: FWD-050SS-H-1
Features: 1/2 Horsepower with high-speed permanent magnet motor 5500 rpm.

Fast grinding technology

Corrosion proof stainless steel

Manual reset for overload protection

Handy wall switch operation

Easy and convenient installation

Trendy and unique gun metal color

With built in air switch

Specification: Motor Speed : 5500 rpm

Horsepower : 1/2HP

Voltage : 220 – 240V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Current : 2.6A

Type of feed : Continuous

Motor type : Permanent magnet DC motor

Sound shell: Yes

Overload protection : Manual reset

Individual shipping weight : 5.5 kg

Material: Sink flange : Stainless steel

Hopper : Glass filled nylon

Swivel impeller : Stainless steel

Grind ring : Stainless steel

Turntable : Stainless steel

Optional Accessories: Lock Mount

Sink Baffle



Plumbing Kit

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